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Add Access as a payment option so real estate agents can buy the things they need today and pay for them when they close their next sale.

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What is Access?

Access is a payment solution powered by eCommission that gives real estate agents the ability to purchase products, services or subscriptions instantly using future commissions instead of using cash or credit cards.

Agents can access up to $1,000 of their future commissions to buy from you now, and pay at closing.

Best of all, funds are sent directly from Access to you, our merchant partner, within one business day!

Agents pay nothing upfront. And have up to 90 days to earn a commission to pay for their order.

What makes Access great?

Larger Average Purchases

Paying with a future commission instead of using today's available funds encourages larger purchases.

Instant Approvals

Data integration through a simple API makes the process quick and seamless for customers.

Funding in 24 Hours

Access pays merchant partners within one business day by electronic bank transfer.

Automatic Repayment

Repayment of the commission used through Access happens at closing and is a simple redirection from the title or escrow company.

Small Cost

Access charges merchant partners a 5% fee that is deducted from the net order proceeds. The agent pays nothing upfront.

No Risk

There is no financial risk or liability to our merchant partners. Access assumes the risk of the agent earning no future commissions.

Why Agents Love Access

It’s no surprise that every agent experiences cash flow ups and downs while selling real estate. Access lets agents take control of their financial futures, buy what they need today, and pay for it when they close a sale.

Merchant Partner Integration is Key

Access uses a simple API and plugins with most e-commerce platforms. The underwriting and approval process is completed instantly, making the experience from ordering to funding seamless for your customers.

A No Debt Alternative to Using Credit Cards

A real estate listing or purchase agreement is a contract that includes the payment of a commission for services rendered. Access enables agents and brokers to sell a portion of their future commission stream to pay for the products and services their business needs today. Access is not a loan, no interest is charged and there is no recourse if the agent does not earn another commission.

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Give real estate agents the freedom to buy from you now and pay at closing. Add Access as a payment option for your business today.

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